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Various Hands (Indie/Dance/Rock) St. Louis, MO


These days, when it comes to music, few artists have standards for the music they perform and few listeners have standards for what they want to hear. St. Louis, Missouri’s Various Hands is setting out to change all that. Their music is catchy and appealing and will make you want to move your body in a convulsive type of way that might otherwise be considered “dancing” while at the same time it touts uniqueness and fresh energy that is becoming a lost art in today’s industry. Various Hands combines an indie dance rock style of music with singer/guitarist Jeff Nations’ signature life-is-good lyric motif. Guitarist/vocalist Zach Meier, drummer Ben Pitts and bassist/vocalist Adam Wirth round out a lineup of experienced, seasoned musicians. Their debut EP, This Party Will Be Fun., solidifies Various Hands’ feel good message, upbeat rhythms and otherwise unorthodox views on what life (and music) should consist of and be recognized for these days. 

This Party Will Be Fun., that’s the title of indie dance rockers Various Hands’ independent debut EP and that is the best way to describe the music that comprises this record. The EP (on which founder Jeff Nations performed all instruments and voices with some guest appearances) is chock full of upbeat, bouncy drum beats combined with smooth, well crafted guitar parts, slick basslines and just the right amount of keyboards topped off with Nations’ life-is-good lyrical attitude. The music makes listeners want to be more than just listeners. It makes them want to join the party. 

“That has been my mantra for most of my life”, Nations says about the album’s title. “Life is fun, it’s here for us to enjoy. Everyday is a party and yeah, you have to do your job and earn your living but if you’re not having a good time doing that then something’s wrong”. The EP’s opening track “Wedding Night” sets the tone for Nations’ views on human existence while the first single, “Blackout Weekend”, along with “Blame It On The Night” and “The Universal Dance” keep the hips moving and the mood light. “You Should’ve Thought Of That Before” and “Everything You’re Doing (Is Bad)” are simply a look at the way people live in today’s world. “People are really being dumbed down these days, especially by the music that’s being force-fed to them”, says Nations. “This is simply my rebuttal to it, both in the style of the music and the messages in the lyrics. Hopefully you hear this album and it makes you smile and want to move in some way…and not just physically”. This Party Will Be Fun. was released on November 22, 2011 and is distributed by MondoTunes, a subsidiary of INgrooves/Universal Music Group.





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