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Katie Ainge (Singer/Songwriter/Pop) Salt Lake City, UT





    I am most at home on stage. My dream is to make music that will change peoples lives. Just as music has changed mine.”


    Katie Ainge is often seen as a breath of fresh air, bringing out the strongest of emotions and passions. She is reminiscent of  Natalie Imbruglia, Lisa Loeb with maybe a hint of Nora Jones and even Sara McLaughlin.


   Katie Ainge has always described music like colors on a canvas. While studying psychology in college she realized that she has auditory synesthesia. This explains the unique texture and imagery that her songs exhibit. Her interesting melodic veins and powerful lyrics keep you listening and wanting to hear more.


   A gift with Katie Ainge. She began by playing on her musical toys at a very young age. Her parents noticed her aptitude and soon she was on her way to a lifelong musical journey. Katie Ainge immersed herself in the piano at age four and then moved on to other instruments. She played Clarinet, Oboe and bass guitar throughout her school years in band and orchestras. “When I was young and taking piano lessons, I would skip ahead through lessons and memorize all the songs in every book,”.


   She participated in children choirs and loved performing. Katie Ainge added, “After my first experiences on stage I knew this is where I belonged.”


   Katie Ainge was drawn to the bass guitar when her older sister bought one to remember their grandfather who had passed. Katie Ainge’s grandfather played bass guitar during the 60’s in a band called the “Blues Society” in Akron, Ohio. “I picked up that bass guitar at age 11 and fell in love with Jazz music,” she said.


   At the age of 14 Katie Ainge had become a keyboardists, bassist and guitarist, and started down the road as singer/songwriter. Katie Ainge began to perform on stage every chance she had. As a soloist or and as a part of several local bands whatever it took to get up on the stage to share her music.


   At 17, Katie Ainge found herself drawn to a Christian church in downtown Salt Lake that was known for it’s worship music. She fell in love with Jesus through worship and singing of His glory. Since that first night in that congregation, her songs have changed. She writes of the transformation Christ has done inside her and the wonderful things she has found in His presence.










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